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Volunteer Teaching Overseas

Projects Abroad volunteer works with children in an elementary school at their Care placement in Jaipur, India.

As a volunteer on one of our Teaching projects, you have the opportunity to work with students of all ages from very different backgrounds and circumstances to your own, helping give them the confidence and improving their ability to use conversational English. In some countries, volunteers also have the opportunity to teach a variety of other subjects too and there is often scope to incorporate your own skills into your classroom schedule. You may be placed as an assistant to a local teacher, with another volunteer, or teaching a class independently however, all volunteers will have the opportunity to devise or contribute to lesson plans and of course, will be given guidance and help!

Katherine Grainger, Teaching volunteer in India"With such a passion for helping children, it seemed obvious to me that the teaching project was definitely the one for me. I certainly wasn’t disappointed. The teaching project was great and provided me with many challenges as well as amazing experiences every day."

Katherine Grainger
Teaching volunteer in India


You don’t have to be a Professional Teacher to Volunteer Overseas

You don't have to be a teacher to volunteer on our Teaching projects abroad. There is no need to have a TEFL qualification to gain work experience in any of our overseas destinations and in the majority of the countries we work, you don't need to speak the local language. The programme is open to all volunteers whether you are on a gap year, at university or wanting a career break. The only requirement is that you have a good standard of spoken English and that you’re a hard worker.

Variety and Scope of Teaching English Overseas

Projects Abroad volunteers with primary school children at a Teaching project overseas in Samoa

Projects Abroad supports schools in every one of our destinations and Teaching projects vary immensely from country to country. Volunteers could find themselves teaching at a school in a Maasai village in Tanzania or working with Buddhist monks in Sri Lanka. In Peru we work with the Ministry of Education to update the English curriculum in schools throughout the rural Sacred Valley, while in Ethiopia, where secondary education is largely conducted in English, volunteers can help ensure students aren’t falling behind seeing many do not have the opportunity to speak English outside the classroom.

You will find a warm welcome awaits you amongst our students around the world. Often their local teachers are very capable of teaching the structural aspects of the English language - such as the grammar - but do not use the correct intonation or pronunciation, because they lack the confidence of a native speaker. In most of our destinations by providing conversational English teaching you can greatly enhance the learning experience and the future prospects of thousands of children and adults with whom we work in the developing world.

In some countries you may find that all you have is a blackboard and a piece of chalk in the classroom. Fortunately the main resource you have is yourself. The students will want to find out about you. They will want to know why you have chosen to come and teach in a school in India or a university in Mexico. Lots of the lessons will give you the opportunity to explain about where you live or your interests and hobbies at home.

Your Role as a Volunteer English Teacher Overseas

Children in a classroom in the Philippines, where one of the Projects Abroad Teaching projects is based

The amount of timetabled English lessons per week that you will teach varies depending on the country and even the individual schools. In some countries you will be expected to be at school during the entire working day, but you may just teach two or three classes, in other cases you may just teach in the morning for example. You will also need to take time to prepare your lessons and you may often be asked to mark students' work. Many volunteers choose to help out in other areas too, taking students for sports, drama or music lessons for example.

It is a good idea to bring some of your own resources too, whether it is pictures of your friends and family or some postcards of where you live. Another great aspect of a Projects Abroad experience is being able to sit down with other volunteers and share ideas of what works best in the classroom and in many destinations we run regular teaching workshops so you can share your ideas and learn more about education in the country you’ve chosen.

Volunteering on a Teaching project as a qualified Teacher

There is also scope to volunteer as a professional and put your skills to use. Projects Abroad has a skilled and qualified arm called Projects Abroad PRO. Our main focus is to match your skills with our partner organisation’s needs. Please click here to visit our Projects Abroad PRO website.

Teaching project destinations:

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Teaching project destinations:

General Teaching Projects

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