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Worthwhile Projects

Infirmary Care Placement

The idea of “worthwhileness” is what drives every programme. By this we mean that every project we offer has been arranged by us to be worthwhile to you and the organisation you’re volunteering for. Put simply: busy, constructive volunteers are happy volunteers and in turn, their host organisations are happy too.

To make this happen, we are constantly challenging our local staff to improve the support we offer the projects and to improve the volunteer experience through enhanced support and backup – not just in country, but before and after their project. Continuous improvement is key.

Our local staff are an amazing group of people. Some are social workers, some conservationists, other are teachers, lawyers, physiotherapists or experienced NGO employees. They understand what placements are needed: in relation to development and maximum benefit to the local community and economy.

They are a part of the community: committed to it and, like Projects Abroad as a whole, committed to long-term sustainable positive impact through the combined efforts of our volunteers.

We pride ourselves on the support we give an enormous breadth of existing placements across the globe and the fact that, through our local staff, we are able to establish new programmes and initiatives where they are needed; such as shelters for street children in Senegal, human rights research and advocacy in South Africa or conservation work in Cambodia or Peru.

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