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Interns and staff in Kenya take a photo on a volunteer project abroad for students.

By Nadia Moore 14th January, 2020

Resolution Ideas to Kick-Start your 2020!

Have you seen that GIF? The “sneaky George Clooney” GIF.

Traveller explores Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

By Zach Mason 13th January, 2020

Seven Ways Travel Changes Your Life

Ever reconnected with friends after they've come back from their extended travels or a trip overseas? They talk your ear off about their amazing experiences and without fail, they'll tell you how much the trip has changed them.

A sugar skull hand painted and on sale at a market in Mexico.

By Nadia Moore 11th December, 2019

How to Immerse Yourself in Spanish

Let’s play a little game. For every English phrase you may use while travelling abroad, can you think of the Spanish equivalent?

Students on a gap year internship work at an outreach in Sri Lanka.

By Nadia Moore 27th November, 2019

4 Medical Gap Year Internship Ideas

You can feel it deep within your bones - you need a break from your studies. In fact, you need a few months, or even an entire year off before your medical degree starts.

Gap year volunteers take a selfie in the mountains of Vietnam.

By Amelia McKinlay 20th November, 2019

Five Steps To Planning Your Gap Year

Are you dreaming of taking a year out but are unsure how to plan a gap year? A gap year is the perfect time to take a break from your routine and dive into something completely different.

Medical interns take a group photo with their placement supervisors in Kenya.

By Jen Southern 05th November, 2019

Best International Internships Around the World for 2020

We’re here to give you that much-needed pearl of wisdom. You might have only just started university, but it’s usually the best time to begin looking for an internship.

A close up picture of Kenyan bead work showing the Kenyan national flag in one of our bucket list destinations

By Ashwin September 31st October, 2019

Top 10 Bucket List Destinations

You’ve made up your mind: “I’m travelling more next year!”. We all agree travelling is a great way to try new things while experiencing the wonder and beauty of the world.

Caleb Joseph drinking coffee in the UK Projects Abroad office.

By Caleb Joseph and Jen Southern 29th October, 2019

People of Projects Abroad: Caleb Joseph - Community Manager

We have some extraordinary people working at Projects Abroad, many of which you may find yourself in contact with one day! Our Community Manager, Caleb Joseph, is someone you'll come to know and love during your journey with us.

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