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Combinations: Suggested Trips

There are many incredible programmes you can do with us in 30 exciting destinations. It can be hard to pick just one, so we’ve provided some suggested trip itineraries, dates, durations, and prices to help you get started.

How to Combine Projects

  1. Choose the projects and countries that you would like to combine
  2. Check the minimum duration for each project on the Prices page and decide how long you would like to be at each one
  3. Review the prices for each project for the amount of time you have specified (most combined projects are at a slightly discounted price!)
  4. As you fill out your application, add the details of your first project, then click "Add another project", and add your second and third projects.

Other Ideas

These are some suggestions, but you can combine as many types of projects or destinations as you like! Feel free to Contact Us if you have any questions!


For more information about the pricing for these projects and other combined projects, check out our combination pricing page

Please note that any Add-ons (such as Language courses and Diving courses) are not eligible for discounts when combined with other projects. These will always be full price. 

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