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Volunteer in Mexico


Volunteers in Mexico have been contributing to sustainable and constructive projects for several years with Projects Abroad. Our volunteer work in Mexico supports numerous worthwhile placements which, while they may be challenging, give volunteers in Mexico the opportunity to learn about the real world and themselves while making a useful and positive contribution to a worthy community setting.

Volunteer in Mexico Volunteer in Mexico

  • Placement location: Guadalajara, Cuyutlan
  • Project lengths: From 1 week
  • Accommodation: Host families, volunteer house near the beach for Conservation Project
  • Languages spoken: Spanish
  • Local greetings Hello: Hola; Thank you: Gracias
  • Prices: from Loading...
  • Top places to travel: Puerto Vallarta’s beaches, Tequila town, Tulum, Palenque

Overseas volunteers in Mexico have the opportunity to work on a range of practical and rewarding projects. These include working with children and teenagers on a care or teaching project, coaching sports, getting involved with an ongoing international development project and helping protect endangered species on the conservation and environment project.

Where we are Based in Mexico

Volunteer in Mexico

The large city of Guadalajara is the home of Projects Abroad Mexico. The office is based in a popular cultural and artistic neighbourhood, close to the centre of the city.

Living in Mexico is an experience difficult to match. You'll live with a host family, enabling you to immerse yourself in the local lifestyle and community, from the universal passion for football, to the 'Day of the Dead', when the whole country grinds to a halt to honour its ancestors.

General Information on Mexico

Mexico is a paradise country of mountains and volcanoes, deserts and beautiful beaches, ancient ruins and civilizations, with nearly 30 World Heritage Sites. It is one of the most diverse countries in the world in terms of biodiversity, with over 200,000 different species of flora and fauna.

Mexicans are proud of their roots and ancient traditions but also live with the US superpower next door. The importance of English is therefore apparent to everyone.

Travel and Tourism in Mexico

Guadalajara is fondly known as the most Mexican of cities. Sombreros, mariachi music, taquila and rodeo riders all originated in Guadalajara.

Volunteer in Mexico

There are plenty of activities here to fill your time off. Attending a football fiesta followed by a meal of tortas ahogadas - pork rolls drowned in chilli sauce - is something that has to be experienced. A night out at one of Guadalajara's night clubs and family celebration are both part of life. Visit a small town with a group of volunteers and become the star of the local festival: in Mexico, anything's possible!

Mexico offers a bit of everything to everyone volunteering abroad, all accessible via the reliable bus services that criss-cross the country. There are cheap, clean, modest hotels in almost every small town. 

To get away from it all, find a good map and some timetables and head for the beaches, hills, jungles or mountains. In Mexico it is easy to get off the beaten track. You'll soon be climbing up ancient pyramids, whale-watching, or surfing the Mexican waves. Domestic flights are numerous and reasonably priced so it's cheap and easy to travel around Mexico after your project.

Projects available in Mexico

High School Projects for 15 to 18 year olds available in Mexico



Projects available in Mexico

High School Projects for 15 to 18 year olds available in Mexico


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