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Volunteer Archaeology Projects Abroad

Projects Abroad volunteer inspects ceramic artfacts at the Archaeology Inca Project, Peru

Our voluntary Archaeology Projects offer you the opportunity to get some quality, professional work-experience in a truly fascinating area. Whether you are a school or college student hoping to study a related university course during a gap year, an archaeology undergraduate or postgraduate looking to enhance you CV or simply somebody looking to pursue an amateur interest in this field, we have a placement that will suit you, your skills and your level of experience.

Volunteer Archaeology Projects Abroad

There are two projects in Archaeology category; a highly academic project based in Romania and one high in the Sacred Valley in Peru, a mix of discovering Incan ruins and community engagement.

In Romania volunteers work with a number of bodies including museums on a variety of dig sites, from Medieval to Neolithic in age. Volunteers are involved in the excavation and analysis of finds in a professional environment with expert supervision.

In Peru volunteers will work on sites of Incan ruins, mapping and surveying recently discovered sites as well as searching for new clues in uncovering the extent of the civilisation in this region. A vital part of the project is to be a positive part of the community in this quite remote part of Peru, working with local villages on educational and agricultural projects.

Archaeology project destinations:
  • Classical & Medieval Archaeology
  • Incan & Wari Archaeology

Volunteering on an Archaeology Project Overseas

Excavation Archaeology Projects

Archaeology is a field which encompasses a variety of different areas. It essentially attempts to study the cultures of the past by looking at the physical remains; this means it includes elements of history, architecture, geology, anthropology, art, surveying and engineering, as well as countless other subjects. Our placements attempt to let you experience as much of this diversity as possible

Our archaeology related projects are located in Peru and Romania. Either location offers something very different, but they both benefit from the same unrivalled support from our directly employed local staff and the security that comes from having a community of Projects Abroad volunteers close at hand.

Kieran Keel, Archaeology volunteer in Peru"It certainly gives you a great time away from the pressures of home, and in a completely new and fascinating environment, to pick up a new skill, meet new friends, sample new foods, embrace a new culture, and visit possibly the most amazing place in the entire world."

Kieran Keel
Archaeology volunteer in Peru

Volunteering on an Archaeology project as a qualified Archaeologist

There is also scope to volunteer as a professional and put your skills to use. Projects Abroad has a skilled and qualified arm called Projects Abroad PRO. Our main focus is to match your skills with our partner organisation's needs. Please click here to visit our Projects Abroad PRO website.

Archaeology project destinations:

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