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Projects Abroad Shark Conservation in Fiji

Volunteering on a conservation placement abroad allows you to contribute to a project that aims to tackle some of the world’s most significant environmental issues – habitat destruction, wildlife extinction and sustainable development.

Volunteering Overseas on a Wildlife Conservation Project is:

  • Pioneering – ground breaking work with professionals
  • Practical – hands on physical and scientific work
  • Sustainable – long term projects with goals and achievements
  • Flexible – start at any time and choose the duration of your stay
  • Supported – safe, structured and sustainable.
Conservation & Environment Projects in:

Enhance, Protect and Preserve Remote Environments and Wildlife

Wildlife conservation volunteers have the unique opportunity to live overseas in spectacular and remote environments, whilst working on practical conservation projects alongside professionals and fellow volunteers from around the world. Conservation volunteers work to enhance, protect and preserve the surrounding wildlife through a combination of physical and scientific tasks. Engaging with local communities overseas, volunteers also seek to educate and promote sustainable conservation of the environment which supports their way of life.

Work in the World's Most Diverse Environments

Projects Abroad Marine Conservation volunteers in Cambodia measure a Hawksbill Sea Turtle that was caught in a fishing net

Projects Abroad has established projects in a diverse range of locations; from the Himalayan mountain ranges of Nepal or the Galapagos Islands to the heart of the Peruvian Amazon rainforest. Each project is unique and equally committed to their conservation efforts. The projects also have a significant scientific pedigree. Two species of bat new to science have been discovered at the Amazon reserve in Peru, while our shark conservation programme in Fiji partners with the World Wildlife Foundation.

The volunteer conservation programmes operate year round in 13 developing countries and are managed by experienced and knowledgeable staff, allowing people from all ages and backgrounds to volunteer.

You don’t need to be an expert; a passion for conservation and a sense of adventure are the most important qualifications. Many of the projects have been running for up to a decade, showing significant progress and a commitment to long-term sustainability and community engagement.

Conservation volunteering

No Experience Necessary

As habitat destruction and species extinctions continue, it becomes ever more important to understand, protect and educate people about the fragile ecosystems which surround us. You don’t need to be an expert – a passion for conservation and a sense of adventure are the most important qualifications. Volunteers play a vital role in these overseas conservation projects which would not be possible without the constant stream of support, hard work and dedication that environmentally-conscious volunteers provide.

We are committed to ensuring that all our international projects are thoroughly vetted and researched to guarantee that they are not connected to animal cruelty in any form. Our Animal Welfare Policy, which applies to both wild and domestic animals, can be read in full here.

Conservation & Environment Projects in:


Conservation & Environment Projects in:

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