Medical interns listen to a doctor as he teaches them anatomy during their team trip in Nepal

Medical Internship in Nepal for Groups

Learn from qualified doctors in local hospitals with other medical interns from around the world

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Join a medical internship with a group of like-minded interns in Nepal. You’ll get to learn directly from doctors as you shadow them during their rounds in local hospitals. You’ll get to rotate through various departments exposing you to different aspects of medicine and healthcare like physiotherapy, family planning, and oncology. 

Your CV will have plenty listed as your medical work experience in Nepal doesn’t end there. Your group will get to sit in on lectures with local medical students at a teaching hospital. You’ll get a deeper view of healthcare challenges in a developing country and the medical practices used to treat these ailments. The skills you learn can benefit your future career path and give you plenty to talk about during interviews.

You’ll be based in the Chitwan District and live in a hotel with the other interns. To make the most of your time abroad, we’ve organised a generous mix of medical work and social activities with your group. We’ll take you to visit the famous Chitwan National Park and encourage you to sample all the dumplings you can handle.

Start Dates: 

Throughout the year

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Minimum Duration: 

One Week


18 or over

Is a Medicine internship in Nepal for groups right for me?

If you’re interested in building a career in medicine and want to learn from qualified doctors with other interns who share the same sentiment, then our Medicine placement in Nepal for groups is for you. 

This team trip experience is perfect for growing CVs, whether you’re aiming to get into medical school or you’re simply deciding if medicine is for you. You’ll learn about different medical specialities and the health challenges faced by people in a developing country. This internship will also give you the opportunity to build your medical network with other aspiring healthcare professionals from around the world. 

The Medical internships in Nepal will be a learning and observational experience for you and your group. Because of this, no previous experience is necessary to join. You can use your time on the trip to ask questions as you shadow the doctors and make notes during lectures at the teaching school.

This Team Trip runs for two weeks on fixed-dates that coincide with most major holidays. On top of your internship work, our local staff will take you to popular tourist spots so that you can get the most out of your experience.

Projects Abroad interns practice their medical skills on the group during their work experience in Nepal

At our Medicine Placements for groups in Nepal, your work will be split into three areas: 

Shadow doctors and other medical staff as you rotate through different hospital departments

You and the other interns will have the opportunity to learn directly from doctors during their rounds. They’ll show you the ropes and introduce you to how things are done in the hospital, including the different departments. You’ll be exposed to many different fields of medicine including:

  • Physiotherapy
  • Family planning
  • Eye health
  • Cancer treatments

You may even find that these departments play a role in your future medical specialisation. 

Sit in on medical lectures at a teaching hospital

This team trip is all about observational medicine and learning from qualified professionals. As part of this, you and the other interns will get to attend lectures at a local teaching hospital. These lectures will build your medical knowledge and expose you to basic medical practices and techniques.

Explore Nepal while getting to know other medical interns from around the world

Our staff will plan everything for you from the moment you arrive until you leave. This includes the time you spend exploring Nepal. They’ll make sure you get to see as much as possible during your stay with a trip to national parks, Buddhist temples and dumpling cooking classes. You’ll get to do all of this alongside other interns from around the world. You’ll work together in a group and explore together too. You might even find that you form lifelong friendships with people from your group.

Where in Nepal will I be working?


Your Medical internship group in Nepal will be based in the Chitwan District. This area is home to some of the best medical institutions in the country so you know there’ll be plenty to learn. You’ll get to observe the work of healthcare professionals as you rotate through various departments in the hospital. You’ll even get to sit in on medical lectures with local students at a teaching hospital.

Chitwan is one of the biggest cities in Nepal but it is still dominated largely by rural areas and forests. Because of this, you can find some of the most diverse species of flora and fauna in Chitwan National Park. Expect to find Bengal tigers, rhinos and mugger crocodiles amidst the dense forests.

Airport pickup, flights and visas

When you arrive at your respective airport, a member of Projects Abroad staff will be there to meet you. You can find more detailed information on arrival airports, orientation, and visas on our Nepal Arrival Procedures page

What are the aims and impact of this Medicine placement in Nepal for groups?

The aim of this project is to provide you with observational experience into what the medical field is like. By doing so, you’ll get a deeper insight into what it’ll be like as a medical professional while gaining valuable work experience that looks great on your CV.

You’ll also get a firsthand glimpse into the challenges and medical issues that are prevalent in a developing country. Some of which you may never get to see back home. Our hope is that this experience will help you decide whether a medical career is something you want to go into. Rotating through departments may even help you decide on your future specialisation.

Gain medical work experience in Nepal while working with a group of like-minded interns. You’ll add valuable experience to your CV which will benefit your future medical school and job applications.

Medical interns take a group photo while exploring Nepal over the weekend

Management plans

We set out the aims and objectives of our projects in documents called Management Plans. We use them to properly plan the work you’ll do. They also help us measure and evaluate our achievements and impact each year.

Ultimately, our Management Plans help us make our projects better. This in turn means you get to be part of something that makes a real impact where it’s needed. Read more about our Management Plans.

Measuring our impact

Our projects work towards clear long-term goals, with specific annual objectives. Every volunteer and intern we send to these projects helps us work towards these goals, no matter how long they spend on our projects.

Every year we take a step back and look at how much progress we've made towards these goals. We put together a Global Impact Report, which documents our achievements. Find out more about the impact our global community of volunteers, interns and staff make, and read the latest report.

Food and accommodation

You'll share accommodation with other Projects Abroad volunteers and interns during your stay in Chitwan. This is a great way to get to know your fellow volunteers and interns, share experiences, and explore your surroundings in your time together.


On our Team Trips, we will always try to have you share a room with at least one volunteer or intern of the same gender and approximate age. Your room will be modest, but comfortable, clean, and safe.


Your programme fees include three meals a day.


Find out more about our accommodation.

Safety and staff support

Your safety and security is our prime concern. We have many procedures and systems to ensure you have the support you need to enjoy your trip with peace of mind. Our Projects Abroad staff are available 24 hours a day to help, and will be on hand to make sure you settle in well at your accommodation and placement. If you encounter any problems, they will be available to help at any time.

Find out more about safety and backup.

This placement is fully researched, safety audited, and risk assessed in accordance with the British Standard BS8848 for the Adventure Travel Sector.

We currently don’t have any available dates for this project. Contact us on 09 801 2518 to discuss future dates or alternative projects.

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