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Volunteer Abroad with a Micro-finance Placement

A group of local business women making jewellery for their business with the Projects Abroad Micro-finance project in Tanzania

Our voluntary Micro-finance placements are designed to benefit the local people we work with, while also giving you practical work experience and improving your CV. These placements are for anyone who would like to help local people realise their potential through the funding of small loans to set up new businesses.

In addition to the loans, the projects provide support from the very early days of a proposal through to when the business is up and running. Volunteers offer continued support through business planning, lessons in bookkeeping and marketing, and mentoring and review sessions.

Although each individual loan may be relatively small, the impact on people’s lives can be immense. These projects are about empowerment and are open to students and professionals alike who feel they can make a contribution to the services offered by the projects.

Our micro-finance projects all follow a similar model, pioneered in Senegal. The projects provide individuals or groups with small loans which, over time and with guidance, they will reimburse. Following complete reimbursement, new candidates are selected. Volunteers support the loan applicants throughout the whole process, from initial applications to running their new businesses once they are established.

Which Countries Offer Micro-finance Placements?

Projects Abroad volunteer in Micro finance makes beads with Tanzanian women

As with all of our programmes, our voluntary Micro-finance projects give you the chance to discover a way of life in a very different environment, from St Louis in West African Senegal to Arusha in East African Tanzania.

Projects Abroad has established Micro-finance projects in four countries:

Whichever destination you choose, your input will be greatly appreciated, especially if you prove to be flexible and enthusiastic. Our micro-finance
internships will give you a unique insight into the
business world in your chosen country.

Local woman who is participating in Projects Abraod Micro Finance project stands at her place of business in Tanzania

What Kind of Work Will I be Doing on a Micro-finance Placement?

Whichever Micro-finance project you choose to join, you need to be ready for a challenge. You will get involved with a range of activities including reading through business plans, developing marketing strategies, managing loan accounts, monitoring people who have already received loans, running workshops and providing general business support.

Amy Campbell, Medicine & Healthcare volunteer in China“We selected our final candidates after evaluating all the interviews, and ended up with four very promising young entrepreneurs. We sat together with each one of them and calculated cost, evaluated the location of the business, and came up with schedules. By the end of a fascinating two week stay in a country which I have embraced with my heart and soul, we have instigated the process which will change four young people’s lives.”

Maximilian Wieland
Micro-finance volunteer in Senegal

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Micro-finance project destinations:

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