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Volunteering in Midwifery Overseas With Projects Abroad

Volunteer Midwifery placements overseas

If you are looking to gain work experience in Midwifery, then joining one of Projects Abroad's placements overseas is a fantastic way to achieve it. You may be applying to study Midwifery, or be part way through your studies, whichever it is, you have an important role to play in one of our placements.

Midwifery volunteers working in a healthcare placement – whether a student or practicing professional – gain a very different perspective on their profession. Using your skills to help in the developing world is an amazing opportunity to discover another way of life, make a contribution, and challenge yourself – both personally and professionally.

The placements are designed to be safe, supported and structured; giving you the chance to make a positive impact and form a genuine connection to the community you work in.

Midwifery volunteers will work in settings with radically different resources and practices in countries such as Sri Lanka, Tanzania and Jamaica; in hospitals large and small.

Volunteering as a Midwife with Projects Abroad

If you choose to volunteer as a Midwife with Projects Abroad, you will usually work in a medical facility that has a specialist maternity unit. As you will be working in a developing country, you may find midwifery practice is not what you are used to at home. Facilities can be under-funded or under-resourced and some placements may lack staff.

Approaches to labour may also not be the same as in your home country. What you will experience though are highly dedicated and caring staff who work hard to ensure the women are supported as best they can though birth, and that their babies are cared for post labour.

You will learn about midwifery in a developing country from trained senior staff who will also supervise your time in their maternity facility. They will aim for you to have an enriching and rewarding time while you are in their country.

Elective Students

Interested in doing a midwifery elective overseas? - contact us for more information.

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